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      3. 東山鮑魚_速凍鮑魚_福建鮑魚_新鮮鮑魚廠家-凍蝦-閩正食品有限公司
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        It is the most popular breed of breeding in the world at present. It is widely distributed from southern Japan, South Korea, coast of China, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and India to the east coast of Africa. China's coastal annual February - April and August - November two spawning period.

        Astaxanthin content of the shrimp is about 20% higher than that of ordinary shrimp. Astaxanaxin is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and by itself significantly improves shrimp survival and spawning rates, as well as resistance to harsh environments. Similarly, eating shrimp high in astaxanthin can significantly improve atherosclerosis and other diseases in humans and animals.